about me --

first discovered my love of film through dance - capturing choreography my friends and I came up with on fields, streets, and playgrounds in my hometown of Richmond, VA.

In college, I continued to capture dance on film, creating a series that integrated poetry and dance with the goal of bringing awarenss to the issue of sexual assault on campus.

I continue to be driven by the boundless possibilities that the camera and filmmaking allow for. I appreciate the range that exists in this storytelling medium: there are a million ways to tell a story, to have a conversation, anticipate a thought, disect a moment. And each story...each project, I truly believe is meant to be told a certain way. My greatest joy is exploring those techniques with my team - taking the nuances of a complicated story and fleshing out how it can best be presented.  

Thanks to Her was my first narrative feature film, and my directorial debut - a coming out, coming of age story based in Pittsburgh. As I move into production on my first documentary feature, I’ve realized that I’m drawn to the complexities of human experiences along with the every day and the mundane.

I invite you to explore my website - the photography, the dance, the film - it’s one big album showcasing to the fact that I’m multifaceted, and anything I do I put my whole self into it.

My work spans across various roles - producing, directing, and within camera department ... which gives me a unique perspective and set of skills for each project I approach.

what is the resolution project? --

          photos from sometime between 2012 & 2014